Renewable Energy Solutions

Every solar street light comes with a self-contained solar power assembly that is sized to run the fixture per the needs of the customer. Each power assembly is sized by the lamp power consumption times the number of hours of operation and how much sun is provided in each geographic area to provide adequate autonomy. The power assembly is mounted at the top of the pole, typically above the fixture(s). See our Solar Power Systems section for additional information and specifications.

Clean Energy

Solar energy is produced in a clean & renewable fashion which supports the environment

Lower Installation Costs

Costs of installation can be up to 46% less than traditional street lights

Power On Demand

These products store energy while its sunny to have reserves available when its not

Economical Product

This product will produce huge savings on energy costs over its life span

Sleek Design

This product’s design is sleek, modern and will look great on any city street.

Easy To Maintain

These lights require little maintenance which also saves time and money

Renewable Energy Solutions
with solar power

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